VGRRR sells 100% plant-based, vegan pet food for cats and dogs. Our products are specially formulated to contain all the essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals your pet requires for optimal health. Giving vitality, vigour and energy to your companion animals.


Proudly Canadian, VGRRR provides top quality vegan cat and dog nutrition, with local delivery within 48 hours in the greater Montreal region. Our mission is to create a marketplace with cruelty-free alternatives when it comes to shopping for our furry friends.

We think that the health and well being of all animals is important, so we offer the best cruelty-free brands for happy and healthy companion animals. Our food is 100% complete nutrition for all life stages of cats and dogs, formulated to meet the nutrient profiles established by the AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials). Our foods contain complete proteins and ALL the essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals  required by your pets, exclusively from plant sources.

We care deeply about our environment, which is why we strive to be Vegan, Give, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle (VGRRR). We want to help create a future that we can be proud of. Together, we can greatly reduce our global foot and paw prints.